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Zeamless is ZAMAT's ergonomically based pillow design concept
It understands your body and incorporates modern habits and sleep needs. lt's the core philosophy of creating our untraditional 3D pillows which fit the body seamlessly.
Zeamless Zeamless
After 3 years of actual sleep and neck health testing, the ZAMAT Lab team worked out a golden pillow model that considers shoulder and neck support, differences in head support, pillow hardness, opening width, and tilt angle. The "whale tail" design was born from this.

Every ZAMAT pillow is crafted using the patented Zeamless design.

Modern work and lifestyle of people put uneven stress and pressure on their backs, neck, and head. Traditional cotton pillows cannot precisely relieve the tension in the back and neck. Zeamless, with ergonomics, provides precise support to every part of the body and allows you to relax while sleeping and sleep while relaxing.