How Often To Replace Pillows?

How Often To Replace Pillows?
How often should you replace your pillows?


Did you know that the bed pillow you use to sleep can significantly affect the quality of your sleep and the health of your body? It is just as important as the mattress when it comes to resting. The combination of both will provide us with optimal rest.


Often, people don't pay much attention to the age of their pillow, which can lead to several health problems and uncomfortable sleep. In this post, we are going to answer the question: how often do I have to replace my pillow? Although we think so, pillows are not eternal. Its continuous use causes it to deteriorate, even more so if it is not cared for correctly.


At ZAMAT, we will explore the different factors that influence the lifespan of a pillow, including the type of pillow, frequency of use, and signs that it's time to change it. Additionally, we are also going to offer you tips on properly caring for and maintaining your pillows, so you can ensure you get maximum comfort and support while you sleep.


Like the mattress, your sleep pillow is an important ally that will help you rest better. A quality pillow is a necessary and determining element for a complete and good rest.


It is important that to choose the best pillows for neck pain you are going to use, you take into account your sleeping position. You won't need it if you sleep on your back, stomach, or side.


Choosing a pillow that is not appropriate for your body can cause discomfort in different parts of your body, such as your back, by not having your spine completely straight when you rest, and also breathing problems.


Therefore, from time to time, they must be replaced with new ones. Thus, you will be able to maintain a restful and quality sleep.


How often and why should I change my pillow?


You already know that you should change your mattress at least once every 5-10 years, and how to care for it to keep it in good condition.


But did you know that you should also change your pillow from time to time? Although little is said about this, it is advisable to change this accessory more frequently than we do.


Experts recommend changing your pillow every 1 to 2 years. This will vary depending on the type of pillow and how often it is used. If the pillow gets used a lot, it may need to be replaced more frequently.


But, we must not only take into account the time factor. Also if the pillow begins to look worn or discolored, even if it begins to smell bad, these are signs that indicate that the time has come to change it. Therefore, we must observe the quality, materials, use, and, of course, the maintenance of the pillow.


It is important to change your bed pillow regularly to maintain good hygiene. Also to ensure that it is providing adequate support and comfort for your head and neck while sleeping.


How to prolong the life of pillows?


How to wash pillows with yellow stains


If you want to learn how to prolong the life of your pillow, here are some tips on what you can do:

- Regular washing: It is important to wash the pillow every 6 months, depending on the material, and taking into account the manufacturer's recommendations. Cotton and polyester pillows can be washed in the washing machine with warm water and mild detergent. The foam ones cannot be washed in the washing machine, so you will have to clean them by hand.

- Protect your pillow: Use a pillowcase to protect it from dirt, sweat, and dust. This will also make cleaning easier.

- Clean it: you should wash it immediately if it gets dirty so that the stains do not remain permanently.

- Air out: Air out the pillow every time you change the sheets. Let it air out for a few hours in a cool, dry place.

- Keep it dry: Avoid getting the pillow wet or too damp, as this can lead to mold and mildew.

- Take care of the shape: Make sure the pillow maintains its original shape. Do not bend it or squeeze it tightly.


Isn’t that simple tips? By following these tips, you can extend the life of your pillow and enjoy a better quality of sleep. The moment you notice that your pillow is causing back, neck, or shoulder pain, it is a sign that the time has come to change it.


What happens if you don't clean your pillow


At ZAMAT, we offer you quality possibilities to change your pillow for one better than the one you already have at home.


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