How To Clean A Pillow?

The best way to clean your pillow

Pillows are one of the essential pieces to maximize our rest at bedtime. When we get to bed the first thing we do is take our pillow and let our head rest on it.

However, are we sure we are carrying out good hygiene for our pillows? In this article, we give you some tips for cleaning and caring for your pillows and how often it is necessary to make a change.


How to clean pillows? Tips according to their types

How to clean my pillow is a question that for many remains unanswered. And it is not something that simple because this will depend on the material your pillow is made of. Some can be cleaned either by hand or in the washing machine, but others cannot even come into contact with water.


Now, we are going to discuss some tips for cleaning your pillows, according to their types or conditions.


How to wash synthetic or natural feather pillows?

Feather pillows come in two presentations, natural feathers and synthetic feathers. In the case of natural feather pillows, it is not recommended to wash them. Therefore, the only advice we can give you is to use double covers for them.


Fortunately, synthetic feather pillows can be washed. The most appropriate way to wash it is to use tennis balls inside a sock and put them between the feathers so that they do not compact. When it is time to dry it, leave it outdoors and shake the feathers from time to time.

 How to wash synthetic fill pillows?

These pillows can usually be washed without any problems. Whether by hand or with a washing machine, you must read the washing instructions on the pillow label. A good detergent is recommended to remove remains of dead skin and bed mites.


How to wash memory foam pillows?


These viscoelastic or memory foam cervical pillows cannot be washed in a washing machine. The reason is that the material would lose its elastic properties and the pillow would be completely damaged.


We recommend that you use a double cover for your memory foam pillows so that they are more protected against external dirt. If your pillow has a stain, use a towel with warm water and a little soap and rub in circular motions until it disappears.


In general and for all types of pillows, a good tip for taking care of your pillows is to change their covers periodically and keep the room with good ventilation.


How to wash pillows with yellow stains?


How to wash pillows with yellow stains


If your pillow has yellow stains, it is probably due to fluids such as sweat, hair oil, and a lack of regular washing. To avoid this, it is better to always opt for pillows that have removable covers, this way you can wash them in the washing machine with adequate frequency and thus prevent them from turning yellow.


But if you do not have pillows with removable covers and you want to eliminate these yellow stains, place water and a very little detergent suitable for delicate garments in a container and with a sponge scrub the places where the stains are. Some fabrics support bleach, it is important that you read the label. If you don't have detergent for delicate clothes, opt for homemade options like baking soda.


How to clean pillows in the washing machine?

To know if your pillow can be cleaned in a washing machine without becoming deformed or damaged, you must review the manufacturer's instructions.


This will depend on the material your neck support pillow is made of and whether your pillow has a cover or just a filling or core. If it has a cotton cover, you can wash it in the washing machine at a temperature below 40 degrees. Pay close attention to the filling of your pillow and how the manufacturer indicates that you should wash it.


What happens if you don't clean your pillows?


What happens if you don't clean your pillow


Good hygiene is one of the keys to maintaining a completely healthy life. Spending time in places where bacteria, germs, and fungi live is very harmful to our well-being. A pillow for side sleepers is an element that is in constant contact with our face. Therefore, the nose, mouth, ears, and eyes, these being the most traditional channels for microorganisms to enter our body.


Among the main problems found in contact with dirty pillows are:

- Allergic symptoms

- Acne

- Conjunctivitis

- Colds

- Lung infections

- Throat problems


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