Best pillow for stomach sleepers with neck pain
Best pillow for neck pain
Relieve any pressure for stomach sleepers
zamathome_The_Telegraph Best pillow for neck pain
Best pillow for stomach sleepers with neck pain
Best pillow for neck pain
Relieve any pressure for stomach sleepers
zamathome_The_Telegraph Best pillow for neck pain
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Butterfly Button Shaped Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

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Original Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

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Butterfly Shaped Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

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Hyper Shredded Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain

$119.00 USD $49.99 USD

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Tech Overload: Neck Pain from Daily Device Use


Modern Fatigue Results from Tech Convenience


Adolescent Posture Crisis

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"This pillow can be used in several sleep positions, and its ridges and valleys are designed to keep your head and neck in proper ergonomic alignment as you sleep."

- Camryn Rabideau

"people won’t stop raving about how the pillow really does alleviate neck pain, no matter what position you sleep in."

- Talia Abbas and Jake Smith

"The ZAMAT Adjustable Cervical Memory Foam Pillow solves this problem with strategically placed cutout armrests. A slight cavity in the middle of the pillow allows for breathability when turning your face to the side, and the low head height avoids unnecessary torque to your thoracic spine."

- Gregory Minnis

"The best-selling ″specialty medical pillow″ on Amazon has more than 4,600 five-star ratings, with customers surprised at how effectively and quickly the pillow soothed their aches."

- Sabel Garcia

"Not only is ideal for back or stomach sleepers, thanks to the pillow’s center dip for head placement, it has a removable piece if you find the shape to be too strong or high for your neck."

- Brittany Loggins

"It’s contoured to help alleviate neck pain and relieve shoulder pressure, and it can be used in multiple sleeping positions."


"It has an ergonomic design and if you match your body parts to the designated areas on the pillow, it really does provide a restful sleep experience."

- Terri Williams
Best-sellers Styled By the ZAMAT Community
"There is a unique blue zone in the center area, which is always cooling!"
"It’s so comfortable that you don’t wanna miss it once you had it! "
"I love it! Beautiful butterfly shape help with circulation,supporting neck and shoulders."
"The pillow is very soft, especially suitable for people like me who love to sleep!"
"It's so comfortable for every sleeping position, the material is very soft, and the height can be adjusted."
"I have suffered from chronic neck pain from bad posture for a very long time. But to my surprise, after using it for two weeks, these symptoms have been relieved!"
"It’s so soft yet very supportive and is great for stomach, back and side sleepers!"
"Ever since I started using this pillow I have slept so peacefully and wake up pain free!!!"
"I tend to hold tension in my neck and needed a new pillow for more support. After a week of use, my neck feels much better!"
"It's great! Since using it, I've turned over less in sleep and woke up refreshed with no neck discomfort or headaches."
"It perfectly conforms to the natural curves of the head, neck, and shoulders, providing more effective pressure relief. "
"It is super comfortable it also firmly supports your head and aligns your spine."
"This is the perfect gift for me with a sore spine!"
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